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What Happens When Gutters Are Neglected

5 Reasons To Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are one of those things that homeowners tend to neglect. The old saying "out of sight out of mind" is so true because we just don't see the debris, leaves and other trash that clog up the gutters. We might not even notice how the rainwater is pouring over the gutter rather than through the downspout.
Here are some reasons why it's important to keep your gutters free of debris that you may not even think about.

#1 and probably the most obvious of these reasons is DAMAGE TO THE GUTTER ITSELF. Here in South Louisiana May, 2021 is the month of daily rain. Not just any rain but huge amounts of rain daily, inches of water that are threatening to flood homes, streets and businesses. Have you noticed your gutters? Is the water pouring over the tops? If so its really just a matter of time before that water (which by the way carries a lot of weight) causes your gutters to fail under the pressure.

#2 ROOF LEAKS When the rainwater has no where to go because of clogged downspouts and gutters that means the water will remain in the gutter and eventually get absorbed by adjacent structures such as the roof which will result in ceiling and wall leaks.

#3 ROTTING WOOD Once water is sitting in the gutters it may overflow possibly causing fascia and soffit board (the wood where gutters are attached) to retain too much moisture. This can result in a costly repair if left unattended.

#4 INSECT INFESTATION Bugs love warm and humid areas. That's why they love Louisiana so much. Debris left in gutters is usually damp and rotting giving insects a perfect environment. This can lead to insects invading your home as well when looking for shelter.

#5 FOUNDATION DAMAGE When water from the gutters is not directed properly into the downspouts it has no other place to go other than down to the ground and near the foundation. This can soften the soil under and around it which will lead to foundation cracks.

Contact K&N Soft Wash about keeping your gutters clear of debris and leaves. A little bit of prevention can keep your gutters, roof and home in great shape for many years to come.

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