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What To Know About Pressure Washing

The Saying "You Get What You Pay For".....

That saying is so true nowadays. Especially when it comes to services! I have been that customer that has gone the cheaper vs. quality route. I've also been that customer that quickly realized I got what I paid for. No doubt there are some things in life that we can get by going the cheaper route but some things we cannot. Choosing a pressure washing business is one of those areas that quality of work is worth paying for.
There are many choices in your area for just about any service. Just a quick Google search will yield a long list of businesses that include local folks, franchises and national services. You may be tempted to call around until you find the cheapest one around but it's recommended to look at other important factors in a pressure washing service when making your decision.

Here are a few considerations when you are ready to get some pressure washing done. A huge factor is just what your job will entail. Is the need for a home or business? Will you need a complete exterior cleaning including a roof or just a smaller job such as a driveway? The overall job that needs to be done is the first factor and one that should match well with the business that you choose to do the job.

LICENSED AND INSURED: When it comes to pressure washing services it's really important that the business has the proper insurance and licensing to do business. Pressure washing a residence or commercial structure can be a dangerous job. Ladders and other equipment will be used that can cause injury or damage. Some small pressure washing services may be able to provide really low rates because they don't carry insurance so beware this can cost you lots more in the long run.

EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Would you trust someone to work on your car if they didn't have experience? The employees of a pressure washing business should have experience and qualifications to do the job that you need done. What this means is that not all pressure washing is done exactly the same depending on the area of your home or office that needs to be cleaned. An experienced pressure washing company will use different equipment such as no pressure or little pressure nozzles versus high pressure nozzle. Just imagine an un-experience pressure washing business cleaning a wood fence with a high pressure nozzle! An experienced pressure washing business will also be mindful of the chemicals and cleaners that they use depending on the surfaces that are being cleaned.

PREPARATION & CLEAN UP: Another seemingly small task to take into consideration is how well the pressure washing business will prepare the property ahead of time. Will they cover plants and vegetation or any other exposed areas, do they use environmentally friendly cleaners and lastly what about after the job is complete. Do they do a final walk around to ensure everything is complete and that they are not leaving behind any coverings, trash, etc.

COMMUNICATION: How well does the owners or supervisor of the pressure washing service communicate with you before ,during, and after the job is done. A great pressure washing business will be happy to answer any questions during your decision making process about the steps. They will give you a thorough breakdown of what they will do if they are chosen in writing. The pressure washing business will give clear instructions ahead of time as to when they will arrive, how long it will take and any preparations needed. They should also clearly state if they guarantee their work.

REVIEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The last thing to consider when deciding on a good quality pressure washing service is reviews from previous customers. Spend some time reading their Google reviews and their Facebook recommendations. It's also a good idea to ask others such as neighbors, family, and friends. A good business will also be able to show you their work quality whether it's on a website, Facebook page or any other social media. Always ask to see before and after pictures so you know what to expect.

Chances are if you can check off every one of the considerations above you have found an excellent pressure washing business that you can trust to take care of your project. Just remember that the price they charge is a direct result of the training, qualifications and quality equipment that is being used by the pressure washing business. If a pressure washing business gives you a much lower price to complete your project beware because chances are they do not follow these guidelines which may result in less than top quality service and/or potential damage.

K&N Softwash is a licensed and insured business with many years of experience in pressure washing residential and commercial properties. We serve most areas within 40 miles of Napoleonville including: Houma, Thibodaux, Raceland, Lockport, Morgan City, Patterson, Pierre Part, Labadieville, Donaldsonville, Gonzales, Galvez, Geismer, St. James, Prairieville, St. Amant and many others. Call us for a complimentary quote today at (985) 859-4408

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